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Frazier Chorus – Nothing


Frazier Chorus, we hardly knew thee.

Gosh, remember the trend for slightly fey indie bands discovering drugs and going a bit dancey? It was quite the thing in the early nineties, The Beloved being one of the better examples. Frazier Chorus were one such group, and Virgin Records gave them a bit of a half-hearted push at the start of the decade – by this I mean you could always rely on their new single having one of those big 99p stickers on it to tempt wary purchasers.  Unscrupulous store owners would then tear that sticker off if the record became a proper hit, but this was never an issue for the Chorus – despite all their singles being fairly tremendous, they never saw the inside of the top 40. They came closest in 1990 with Nothing, which if I recall correctly was particularly loved by The Chart Show, helping it to a peak of no.51.

Sadly a top 40 hit was not to be, despite the involvement of Paul Oakenfold on knob-twizzling duty. He gave Nothing a brilliant shot of urgency, and while I’m sure it soundtracked many a person’s night out that they can no longer remember, record buyers were utterly indifferent, preferring to purchase the theme from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that week, and also the Timmy Mallett cover of Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Perhaps it was us that was on drugs and not Frazier Chorus.

Of course the whole thing isn’t a million miles away from what Hurts were doing before they discovered guitars and wrecked their career. Perhaps, in its 25th anniversary year Nothing will finally achieve the recognition it deserves. I doubt it though.


Entered chart: 12/08/1990

Chart peak: 51

Weeks on chart: 4

Who could sing this song today and have a hit? It’s languid enough for Lana Del Rey to have a go.


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