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Diana Vickers – Cinderella


Well now, this is sad. And not a little ironic. Diana Vickers enjoyed something of a Cinderella story herself, bringing a barefoot breathy quality to 2008’s X Factor before doing a triumphant West End stint in the revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. Returning to pop, she then hit no.1 in 2010 with the marvellous Once and her oddly titled but I’m-sure-it-made-sense-to-her debut album Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree. Hurrah! But when she rocked back up at the gates of Pop Palace in 2013, the gates were barred and she was told in no uncertain terms “you shall not go to the ball.”

Poor Diana. It just goes to prove that you can arm yourself with one of the year’s best singles but it still won’t make a jot of difference if it’s been decided your time is up. Here is the single in question – Cinderella.

“For you I would lose much more than my shoes.” What a brilliant way to say “I would totally get naked with you.” Cinderella is quite simply a great pop song with a killer hook and a pleasing touch of the Laura Branigans about it in the intro. In the hands of anyone faintly popular it would have been huge. Granted, Vickers did herself no favours by taking four years to follow up her debut, with the usual getting-dumped-by-the-label shenanigans to blame. I always feel terrible when the recently dropped claim to be excited at this new chapter of creative freedom they’re embarking on. In almost all cases you never hear from them again. Pop is ruthless, and of course it needs to be, otherwise Mandy Smith would have had a career. But Diana deserved so much better.

Diana Vickers has now returned to acting, and it’s all your fault.


Entered chart: 28/07/2013

Chart peak: 76

Weeks on chart: 1

Who could sing this today and have a hit? I can totally see Katy Perry doing it at the Super Bowl

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