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Betsy Cook – Love is the Groove


Sometimes, even when you make a really great album, have a bit of a marketing budget, get a modicum of radio play and have a label willing to put out three singles it still doesn’t happen for you. The album in question is Betsy Cook‘s 1992 debut The Girl Who Ate Herself, a record which managed to be just a few years ahead of its time, sonically speaking. Of course what sometimes happens in these situations is that years down the line your album gets mined by other people for cover versions – a form of asset stripping that’s presumably kept Betsy fed and clothed for a while.

Here’s the gorgeous first single Love is the Groove.

Things to note about Love is the Groove:

  • It’s brilliant – dreamlike and subtle, although perhaps too subtle in the year of Right Said Fred and The Shamen
  • The production is proto-William Orbit circa All Saints, just eight years early
  • Let’s be honest – Donna Lewis totally ripped this off for I Love You Always Forever in 1996, and of course had a smash it with it
  • Cher completely murdered it on the Believe album, proving that a great song will not always withstand crappy production

I’ve always been hugely disappointed that Betsy never made another album after this, and she seems to have vanished almost entirely without a trace, save for a few session musician credits on various Trevor Horn productions. Stevie Nicks also pick-pocketed the album, covering Docklands in 1994 to ruinous effect. It would appear that Betsy’s songs are best performed by Betsy. What a shame no-one was listening.

Entered chart: did not chart

Who could sing this today and have a hit? Katy B‘s voice has a nice ring of clarity to it that could maybe do this justice.

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