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Dami Im – Super Love


Unless you’re an ardent fan of The X Factor’s international franchises – and let’s face it, who is? – you won’t have heard of Dami Im, a Korean immigrant from Brisbane who won the Australian version back in 2013 under the mentorship of none other than Princess Dannii from the House of Minogue.

And while that’s a pity, it makes total sense. All of the things that made the Antipodean public fall in love with Dami (in summary: she comes across a bit Susan Boyle in her initial audition, and was eliminated at Bootcamp before someone dropped out and she was brought back for Judges’ Houses) have entirely passed us by. That – coupled with the general global fatigue for the talent show format – means chart success outside of Australia has so far eluded her, a fate also befallen by Carrie Underwood and Will Young – superior talent show winners who, despite their brilliance and enduring local success, have failed to become global household names.

Im’s first single off her second post-win album, Super Love, is an absolute peach and could easily have launched her to an international audience. It’s the kind of upbeat, uptempo song that could appear as an instrumental over a montage – perhaps of a cheering crowd outside Wembley Arena, waiting to embarrass themselves in front of Cowell et al. It’s basically an Aussie take on Firework, whilst being obviously Swedish in origin.

For a good number of recent talent show winners – Sam Bailey, Jermain Jackman, I could go on – relative public anonymity is arguably deserved. Their ability fills no market gap that isn’t already better served by established stars, or even previous talent show contestants – look at the relative success of Leona Lewis and One Direction to see the converse.

Im, however, feels different. The west is crying out for a K-pop crossover artist and her combination of pure vocals, unashamed pop sensibilities and fluent English speaking ability make her a prime candidate to take this crown ahead of PSY.

If she can keep on pushing out quality pop like this, we can only hope she’s successful.

Entered chart: Did not chart

Who could sing this today and have a hit? What’s Katy Perry up to currently?

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