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Into the Popvoid goes Back to Now!

That’s right – we’re back! Back! BACK!

Sort of.

Yes, almost five years into our *cough* hiatus, the wonderful Iain McDermott managed to tempt us back into the world of pop discussion by asking Niall to be a guest on his brilliant podcast Back to Now!

The mission? To pick apart Now That’s What I Call Music 19 from Spring 1991 – that’s right, prime Banderas and Belinda Carlisle territory. How could we resist?

We had an absolutely brilliant time making it, and the whole experience has made us think that it might – just maybe – be time to dust down this old archive of pop fabulousness and shine – to borrow a phrase from dear old Chris Rea – NEW LIGHT THROUGH OLD WINDOWS.

So in the meantime, while we discover just how many broken YouTube links there are to fix, entertain yourself with hundreds of amazing flops.

Huge thanks to Iain for having us on and being such a brilliant host – the episode of Back to Now is available RIGHT NOW.

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