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Category: 1970s

Boney M – No Woman No Cry

Conspicuous by their absence no longer, it's the one, the only (apart from the numerous versions appearing in a club near you) Boney M!

ABBA – If it Wasn’t For the Nights

A fun discussion when ABBA fans get together is "what singles would YOU have chosen from 'Voulez Vous'?" Before you know it 37 years will have passed and no consensus will have been reached.

Donna Summer – The Hostage

It's 1974 and Donna Summer, prior to becoming the first lady of everything, speaks out on terrorism and police incompetence. Wait, come back!

Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing

When a fourth musical Gibb brother appeared, America was like "OMG YES", but over here we were more "we'll just leave it, thanks" - which was patently a mistake because "Shadow Dancing" is absolutely bloody amazing.

Heart – Magic Man

America had loved them for a decade, but in the UK there was a total eclipse of Heart until 1987.

Carpenters – Rainy Days and Mondays

Easy Listening.  No two words have inspired more hate and derision amongst rock hipsters and the pop music cognoscenti than these – frankly, for the most part with good reason. […]

Barry Manilow – Daybreak

One of the joys of being little is that you have absolutely no idea about concepts of cool. I’ve tried to retain that in my adult life, believing that if you […]

Hall & Oates – She’s Gone

Given that they only ever had moderate success in the UK, it may surprise you to learn that blue-eyed soul outfit Hall & Oates are the biggest selling duo of […]

Donna Summer – Last Dance

One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered as the US Envoy/contributor for this column has been the often wide discrepancies between the US and the UK as to what […]

Randy Newman – Short People

What makes a song so horrific or offensive that is worthy of being banned from radio airwaves? In the UK, it has been a variety of things, from singing in […]