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Category: Male Solo

Prince – D.M.S.R.

"DanceMusicSexRomance" - it's Dan's go-to Prince tune (and also his to-do list for Saturday nights).

Will Young – Like a River

Work hard, do good things and all your dreams will come true: not strictly the case when you're a pop star in this day and age.

Robbie Williams – Better Man

In which Dan asks the question "Is 'Better Man' Robbie Williams' career-defining song?" Dan is American, and therefore has an entirely different perspective from the rest of us who are all shouting "NO, IT'S OBVIOUSLY ANGELS" right about now.

Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing

When a fourth musical Gibb brother appeared, America was like "OMG YES", but over here we were more "we'll just leave it, thanks" - which was patently a mistake because "Shadow Dancing" is absolutely bloody amazing.

Thomas Leer – No 1

Two years prior to "Snobbery & Decay", Thomas Leer was out-blowing the Blow Monkeys with the string and saxophone drenched "No 1".

Deptford Goth – Feel Real

Derek on Deptford Goth's gorgeous "Feel Real", and the social anxieties involved when you find yourself standing next to a pop personage.