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Category: Pop music

Mini Viva – One Touch

(Mini) Viva Forever! Brand new contributor Joe Anderton with a cautionary tale of bad scheduling that consigned one of pop's most exciting new acts to the dumper.

Beyoncé – Ego

In which Dan asks the question "do singles even exist anymore?" The short answer is of course "no, not really and we sort of have Beyoncé to thank for it". But we'll let him delve a little deeper via discussion of the unbridled filth-fest that is "Ego".

Donna Summer – The Hostage

It's 1974 and Donna Summer, prior to becoming the first lady of everything, speaks out on terrorism and police incompetence. Wait, come back!

Dubstar – Cathedral Park

From the file marked "Bands we never quite got round to buying even though they were dead good" - it's the amazing Dubstar.

Colors – Never Mind

This time last week I'd never heard of Colors. Now "Never Mind" is one of my favourite records and I'm busy inserting it into all my memories of 1985.