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Tag: 2008

Beyoncé – Ego

In which Dan asks the question "do singles even exist anymore?" The short answer is of course "no, not really and we sort of have Beyoncé to thank for it". But we'll let him delve a little deeper via discussion of the unbridled filth-fest that is "Ego".

Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning

Cast your mind back to 2008/09; 80s synth pop revivalism was at its height and it seemed every act (new or established) was trying on a shiny synth style in […]

Little Jackie – 28 Butts

Whilst it’s laudable that the good folk at Into The Popvoid seek to give credit to the should’ve-beens of this world, it sometimes feels like the actually-were-hits-but-nobody-seems-to-remembers could do with […]

Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better

There’s a certain kind of satisfaction to be had in liking an artist who never quite crosses over into the mainstream. A perverse satisfaction, sure, but you get to feel […]