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Tag: Dan Poliak

Prince – D.M.S.R.

"DanceMusicSexRomance" - it's Dan's go-to Prince tune (and also his to-do list for Saturday nights).

Robbie Williams – Better Man

In which Dan asks the question "Is 'Better Man' Robbie Williams' career-defining song?" Dan is American, and therefore has an entirely different perspective from the rest of us who are all shouting "NO, IT'S OBVIOUSLY ANGELS" right about now.

R.E.M. – Sitting Still

1981: a fresh faced young man from the west coast arrives in New York city and heads straight for the nearest record shop.

Beyoncé – Ego

In which Dan asks the question "do singles even exist anymore?" The short answer is of course "no, not really and we sort of have Beyoncé to thank for it". But we'll let him delve a little deeper via discussion of the unbridled filth-fest that is "Ego".

Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing

When a fourth musical Gibb brother appeared, America was like "OMG YES", but over here we were more "we'll just leave it, thanks" - which was patently a mistake because "Shadow Dancing" is absolutely bloody amazing.

SHeDAISY – Passenger Seat

In any other industry, a knock-off might be considered a bad thing. In pop, as Dan Poliak explains, it's often anything but.

Heart – Magic Man

America had loved them for a decade, but in the UK there was a total eclipse of Heart until 1987.

Carpenters – Rainy Days and Mondays

Easy Listening.  No two words have inspired more hate and derision amongst rock hipsters and the pop music cognoscenti than these – frankly, for the most part with good reason. […]