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All Saints – Chick Fit


When the Spice Girls‘ cooler rivals made their 2006 comeback with Rock Steady and reached the heady heights of number 3, they seemed nailed-on to conduct an assault on the charts to rival fellow second-timers Take That.

But while Barlow et al were flying high in the album charts with Beautiful World, the Saints’s latest opus – the reggae-tinged Studio 1 – limped to number 40 for reasons that still escape me.

With the band on an express train to Droppedsville, the second single from the album, Chick Fit, was all but canned. Getting only a digital release and the cheapest of videos shot on what looks like a soundstage at Generic Inc., it was a smash number 26 hit in Slovakia but couldn’t even trouble the Top 200 here in Blighty.

Consequently it remains a complete mystery to many, which is a real shame as it’s actually a great little song. Lyrically it stutters and traps as the girls relay that early frantic stage of budding love when you become a liiiiittle bit obsessed with your new beau, equating this with drug addiction (“I need my fix in a matter of days; I’m not myself, I’m all over the place.”)

Considering every other All Saints single went top 10 and that Take That are still selling out gigs almost a decade down the line, it’s hard to know why Parlophone didn’t keep the faith and give this one the proper treatment, especially as the girls finally look to be having fun – but there’s something to be said about a girlband in their 30s being significantly less marketable than a ‘manband’ of the same age, or in fact anyone, anywhere, ever.

Which, I’m afraid to say, spells trouble for anyone holding out for the return of the Sugababes. Sorry ‘bout it.


Entered chart: did not chart

Who could sing this today and have a hit? Hands down, Lily Allen.

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